Sunday, May 05, 2013

2P tend to P2P

The title might be little confusing. Let me clear the confusion before we go ahead with the article. 2P means practice and patience and P2P means performance to perfection. I could have easily split up this blog post into two, one on practice and the other on patience but didn't do so because at the end only the combination of these both can yield the expected result in life. Let's have a brief insight into this amazing combination.
'Nobody is perfect' is a repeated slogan that we hear almost everywhere, still the drive towards perfection is always enforced upon us. In fact, there is nothing wrong in racing to be perfect because on the way to perfection we shall meet excellence for sure. There is no other better satisfaction than achieving the peaks of perfection in our performance. Any kind of performance needs consistent practice to reach the perfection. Just practice alone doesn't help. Only perfect practice can lead to perfection. The duration of practice might last as long as we reach perfection and hence it demands patience. Only when we patiently practise can we deliver perfection in every performance of ours. If you practise continuously for few days and after that lose patience and give up the practice then perfection can't be achieved. On the other hand, if you're totally patient and practise once in a while without any sense of urgency, even then the perfection in performance cannot be achieved.
Different people who have become successful in life have derived various lessons from their journies. Some state the message of patience, some of hardwork, some of humbleness and so on. However, success is a result of culmination of all these positive qualities. No one quality alone can yield success in life. We have to possess and exhibit all the essential requirements which the success demands. You can share your opinions about success on

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