Thursday, April 04, 2013

Follow Your Heart

One more fantastic day materialised to end the financial year in an awesome manner. 31st of March,2013 marked one more session of IU(Inspiration Unlimited) in the city of Bangalore to inspire 100 plus youth from different colleges and different streams. It was a session on the most pressing topic among youth today titled as 'Follow Your Heart'. In this dynamic world today, people are advised to follow their heart by anyone and everyone. Unfortunately there are less number of people who can understand what's really there in their hearts but who aren't being guided towards how they need to follow their hearts. To clear these confusions and provide more clarifications on the topic IU came up with this session.
I was more than glad that I was also a part of this magnanimous event. In the morning, all the students belonging to different streams came and settled in the auditorium and we had the introduction and the ignition to the event given by Mr. Bharath GC who mesmerized the crowd with his smile and charmful talk. He explained about how energy needs to be showcased at every moment of life to get the best learning out of life and then introduced me on the stage. I was a bit nervous to talk on this critical-cum-crucial topic but took it as a challenge to throw myself into it. I spoke about the basic confusion that people have about following one's own heart. Some are deceived by the photos of people that they keep in their hearts and follow and reach nowhere in life. I discussed about how some are stopped by the parental restrictions, some are demotivated by their peers while some shy or fear away from following their hearts were the different reasons for not following one's own heart. I shared about some of the examples from my own life about how I followed my heart when I wanted to become a multilingual guy, when I wanted to start a robotics company, when I wanted to quit my job and jump into entrepreneurship, when I wanted to create a record in blogging and succeeded in all of them. Then it was time for the show to reach the pinnacle of its purpose and we welcomed the well reknowned international inspirational speaker Mr. Sujit Lalwani on the stage by witnessing whom the audience went mad.
Sujit Lalwani sir in his most humourous way conveyed that following your heart was all about breaking the rules of the world to pursue your passion. He had brought along with him few slides each one of which spoke a key message to follow your heart. He spoke about how following your mind would take only courage but following your heart would take everything from you. He explained the tiny twists and turns in our life that can be the reasons for the biggest successes or failures of our life. He showcased the international platforms like One Young World, Your Big Year, World MERIT and VISIT Russia all of which he was a part of just because he followed his heart everytime without being bothered by the advices and comments of others. He showed people that success was not attached with the age of the achiever and shared few of his achievements which inspired the audience. Totally, it was an empowering session which concluded with the fearless participants who came on the stage to share their learning and commitments with the audience. Even you can be a part of upcoming IU sessions in different cities of India if you're determined to take control of your life and dreams. Do visit and contact Mr.Bharath GC on 7829414616 for more details.

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