Saturday, March 02, 2013

Who taught these animals?

All these ants I see always keep walking in a line and I have never seen an ant sleeping or standing still. The birds that build their nests never seem to have got an official training from their parents but still they build thier nests as beautifully as their ancestors. Tigress search for the cleanest place to give birth to its babies and holds on to the pain until it finds the cleanest place that is safe for its newborns.
All these were the statements that I heard my mentor during a talk and other elders. All these even put me into question. Even I started to wonder as to how all these is possible though I haven't seen any formal coaching being done to any of these animals. I haven't even heard of any specific language that these animals use to communicate. Still these animals outsmart the humans when it comes to discipline, common sense, hardwork, strategy and other talents. Animals also plan their attack on their prey, they also plan for their future, they also get involved in entertainment games with their pals. So where is that man so distinct from animals or vice versa. Man is unique only in terms of deceiving his own natural instincts. When the ant knows it has to work, it does irrespective of any motivation or inspiration. The bird builds its nest for its family in spite of all the troubles in building it. All these are natural instincts that the animals follow because they don't know to pretend.
But man on the other hand can pretend to be sad though he is happy, can pretend to not understand the seriousness of the situation though he is well aware of it. Man has this extra talent of deceiving himself as well as the people around him and that's what sets him apart from these animals. So who do you think taught these skills to animals? Pass on your answers on

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