Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The reason I started blogging

I think it was in my 4th year of engineering that I started blogging. This was the first phase of my blogging when I blogged 7 posts. The main reason I had started out to blog was to improve my vocabulary to fare well in the GRE test which I never took up till now. GRE is taken up to pursue post-graduation studies abroad after engineering. As I was willing to take up higher studies after my engineering I started preparing for GRE.
I used to choose ten words from the book which had the whole list of thousands of unknown words to me, learn their synonyms, meanings and make sentences using them. Since I had to practise them and remember them for a long time, I thought I would write a blog which shall be a combination of all the sentences containing the new ten words learnt for the day. Also I needed someone to evaluate if my understanding was correct. Hence everyday, after writing the blog I used to send the link to one of my friends by name Sushanth and get it corrected by him. He was a champ in both Mathematics and English. It was a very good practice to take up new words everyday and inculcate them in my daily communication to develop my vocabulary. By writing them down, it could go deeper into my memory. Though this process didn't last long enough, it definitely improved my confidence in speaking English and eventually helped me develop my English speaking skills.
This was a very simple method that anyone could use to pick up few new words a day and start using them which would help to improve speaking, reading and writing. However this activity was the reason that I entered the world of blogging. Though it was a long pause after the initial set of 7 blogs, blogging has just become a part of my daily life today. You can share your ideas on improving English abilities on

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