Sunday, March 03, 2013

The media hype

Television, newspapers, radio and all the online media have revolutionised the way world sees itself today. Those news that get highlighted on media tend to garner more attention from people that those actual breaking-news kind of stuff that happen without the notice from the media. Media has become so powerful today that it has started influencing the governance of countries as well.
The moment any person is seen on a TV or the moment his photo comes in a newspaper irrespective of the reason, he becomes so popular among so many people that he gets recognised wherever he goes. Media reports both good and bad things of and to people. Today most of the people do not even bother about anything bad that's being said about them just because they know that 'positive or negative, publicity is publicity'. All the gossips and rumours are forming the core of yellow journalism which has been much bought by people and is definitely growing as a profitable industry of business. Some might disregard this massive power of the media saying that all the media coverage is only for hype and there's nothing authentic about it. The hype itself is the authenticity of the media. It transfers information to a large audience at one shot. Hence the media power can never be ignored. Though it has been used for some wrong purposes by certain people, it remains ready to give support to the right reasons as well if right people are ready to take the initiative of leading the media.
None of us need to get influenced by the hype that's generated in the media about anything. We need to be careful enough to recognise the relevant information only from what's being reported and disregard the rest of the spice. But this is not possible by most of us. All of us want to read or hear or see something spicy which is more than the originial news. Hence even different media are competing to increase their TRP ratings by involving as much spice as possible. It shall be a responsibility of each citizen of a country to make sure that the media power is used in the right field for the right purpose. You can comment your feedback on

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