Friday, March 01, 2013

Admiration to aspiration

There are those worthy individuals whom we come across in life many a times who just carry their aura and influence us to admire them and their qualities. It would have taken a lot of hardwork and efforts behind building such a wonderful talent or skillset or success by such blessed souls. All that we have for such amazing people is a whole lot of admiration.
So what's the next step after admiration? Everyone of us admires those successful people who have made it big in the fields we are passionate about. When everyone admires that success or calibre, why doesn't everyone develop and achieve the same? The reason is here. They either consider that it was the fate that took the person to the pinnacle of success or it was the favourable circumstances that made it happen or the last option is of giving credit by saying that the person really worked hard to get what s/he deserved. I just believe it that if you admire you need to aspire for it. The natural reason you admired something shall be because your heart loves it and your mind likes it and hence it's natural that you need to develop it.
Successful people also have learnt some of the best lessons from other successful people. Hence it's no copying, if you develop an aspiration to become like someone. You shall reach that pinnacle of success through a different way and shall be admired for it by others who shall look upto you in the future. Make sure you start converting every admiration of yours into an aspiration so that you get lost in admiring yourself. You can share your admirations and aspirations on

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