Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Who made the Law?

Two world wars have already demonstrated how man is dangerous unto himself. Apart from the two world wars where countries tied up against each other fought for supremacy, there have been many other wars fought. Some were for power while some were for women, some were for wealth while some were for land, some were for freedom while some were to curb freedom. So many countries with so many constitutional laws have failed to make a law that could prevent these wars. The reason is that these laws were made by man and 'to err is human'.
As I was watching the movie Lincoln, I was just shocked to see that the American civil war went on for four years and the government couldn't do much about it until Abraham Lincoln proposed the 13th ammendment to the American constitution. More than 6000 lives were sacrificed in this horrible battle. Lincoln even remorses that there were hardly any 16 year old boys left in the country due to this civil war. The Blacks were fighting for their freedom while the Whites were fighting to hold them as slaves. What was law doing for these 4 long years? Why does man fail to make a law that is just for all? This is where I feel that God should have existed in physical form to guide all the people on earth. Since there is no one to question, each man is a God to himself and hence makes laws as per his convenience ignorant of the troubles that they pose to the others.
Law is supposed to make sure that equality and harmony exist among the inhabitants of the earth. Unfortunately the same laws are leading to more and more conflicts between countries and people today. Just like there exists the universal law of gravitation, universal law of attraction, universal law of thermodynamics, universal law o magnetism, can't there exist a universal law of governance? Do let me know your answers on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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