Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To enjoy or learn from a movie

Those of us who are accustomed to watching movies, watch so many movies in our entire lifespan. There are different reasons as to why we watch movies. In fact these reasons differ from person to person. One person might have gone to enjoy the movie while another person might have just gone to learn from the movie. What you focus is what you see. As I was watching Licoln movie last evening, probably I didn't enjoy much of it because of my own personal reasons. Does it mean that I didn't learn from the movie at all?
As I stated above, people go for movies for different reasons. These reasons are based upon the upbringing of each individual and his/her experiences. What you see in a movie is also completely dependent on your past but what you intend to see depends on what future you see for yourself. Enjoying is related to the emotional and feelings part of the mind while learning is realted to the logical bent of brain. Different people are used to different genre of movies. Picking out the best lessons from any movie you watch is the perceptional upliftment that you have inside you while you might not enjoy even a bit of the movie. Perception is all about the way you see something and if you can relate to what's happening on the screen in some way or the other you can definitely extract the juice out of it which shall be called as a learning. You can force someone to learn but not to enjoy. Hence enjoying the movie is not mandatory though you can learn from it. But when is that you enjoy learning from the movie?
This happens when the movie is packaged in the form of your taste and still able to teach the same lessons. Then you will not only learn from the movie but even enjoy it. Not all film-makers are talented to make such movies that entertain as well as deliver a message. That's the reason you see that the top grossing movies at times are not the award winning ones and vice-versa. Do let me know the reason you would watch a movie on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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