Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The pressure of Politics

Mr.Stevens takes a dig at what is politics in the movie Lincoln saying that you cannot believe anyone in politics in his introduction scene. Politics was supposed to mean just the activities associated with the governance of a country or an area. But in today's world politics has just become a synonym for cheat, disbelief, betrayal and other negative dysphemism terms. During the passing of 13th ammedment to the American constitution, the politics involved for the sake of power rather than for the good of people clearly makes itself visible at the surface of the movie.
Not all conservative Republicans might support the 13th ammendment says Abraham Lincoln's close associate in spite of knowing that the ammendment shall put an end to the 4 year long civil war of America. People of the same party of Lincoln might still oppose or abstain from supporting the cause because they are not willing to give away the power to vote in the hands of blacks. Even more is that his party people are afraid that Lincoln might just lose in this trail and it shall be a black mark in his political career and hence oppose the motion so that his and his party's political image is kept clean from losing anything. Here comes the intra-party politics that Lincoln has to handle to get the motion passed in the house which he manages to handle with the penultimate power of being an
influential President.
Coming to the democrats, they are completely against the passing of the motion for the 13th ammendment just because Abraham Lincoln had signed the emancipation proclamation during the beginning of his term and had favoured the civil war to curb the revolting blacks. Now that Lincoln had gone to the extent of abolishing slavery was totally unacceptable by a majority of them. In order to pass the motion in the House, it requires at least 2/3rds of majority voting 'Yes' and hence Lincoln needs 20 democrats to vote for his motion. Hence he deploys 3 people to get these votes through any means possible. Buying votes by offering jobs is as equivalent to as bribing someone for vote and yet Lincoln approves of it because it's for the good. While these three are struggling to get 20 democrats to support Lincoln's proposal, Lincoln himself jumps on to the field and goes door to door convincing different democrats as to why they need to vote for the passing of the 13th ammendment. Lincoln exhibits his ultimate belief in himself and his decision amidst the growing pressure of politics both intra-party as well as inter-party. Do let me know your learnings from the movie Lincoln on

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