Thursday, February 28, 2013

Library at home

No doubt that I am fascinated by books. Many people are as well. I am not much used to reading books online or e-books. I love to read paperback books. It's a great feeling to hold a book in your hand and listen to the author in our minds. I am on my way to build a good library of good collection of books in my home.
All of us who study through different classes of our childhood read many types of books from text books to encyclopedias to story books to novels to competitive books. How many of these books do we actually preserve in our library? Many a times we just sell the old text books for the sake of new ones. How many times do we actually buy books which are not related to our syllabus? It was quite an unknown phenomenon to me upto my 9th std. I had no idea of books which were unrelated to our education stream. It was the book 'You Can Win' which I caught hold of in my 10th std that started my reign of buying books for reading purpose and developing exclusively. From then onwards I have been keen on buying books that can impart extra education unavailable in our syllabus. The moment I joined my job, I got into the addiction of building a library of my own.
Often people tease that you may not be able to read all the books that you buy and hence it's a waste to have a library at home. I am sure lot of us have many unread books in our homes. It just doesn't matter as long as there are instant solutions to your problems in the form of books in your home and available right at your sight. If you also endorse this idea, do let me know on

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