Sunday, February 17, 2013


IUNPB - IUNewsPaperBag project is a simple idea which believes in reduce plastics campaign. It is our small step towards a greener earth for our future generations. We promote a very simple solution to eradicate plastic bags usage by promoting the use of paper bags made from old newspapers. You can participate in our project by registering on All Indians can feel proud that this project which originated from Bangalore is one of the top projects listed under One Young World,

It was a special occasion on 14th of February, 2013 to celebrate the IUNPB project at a college level where in students of VVN degree college, Bangalore participated in making IUnewspaperbags. Feb 14th being a Valentine's Day, these students considered environment as their valentine and invested their precious 90 minutes in making IUnewspaperbags. There were more than 120 students who participated in this mega campaign. Prasanna Udipikar mam was the teacher coordinator who got this campaign happen in the college. She was supported by the principal and staff of VVN. The event kicked off sharp at 3:15 pm and closed by 5:00 pm during which these students had made 60+ IUnewspaperbags. At the end of the event all students were really happy that they had learnt a new art by which not only their creativity improved but also the environment was saved from getting polluted by plastic bags.
I was very happy to have been the project lead for this entire event and was enjoying every trip of mine into each of the classes cheering up the students with energy and enthusiasm. The feedback from both the teachers and the students was simply fantastic. I should also be thanking all the VVN college volunteers along with Beena Chowdry, Ankita, Soundarya, Mr. Anant, Amit and Mohan Kumar who had come from different colleges to support this campaign. One more milestone was achieved as this was the first campaign where foldable type of IUnewspaperbags were made at a large scale. If you're also interested in taking up IUnewspaperbag project in your institutions, do let me know on

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