Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Once again I just want to go back to the movie LINCOLN to share one more amazing learning from the same. Abraham Lincoln is witty, humourous for most of the movie but during 2 instances we see the powerful Lincoln exercising his power of being President of United States of America. These two scenes teach us that all of us need to exercise the power vested with us at the right time.
While Lincoln is discussing with his fellow-mates in his board room about the passing of the motion for 13th ammedment to the American constitution, his colleagues claim that the civil war would end in a week and the term of Lincoln was nearing its end and hence it's not the ideal time to pass the motion as it cannot be used for any political benefit. They even offer other reasons that the confederate peace talks would be coming up and hence the motion needs to be postponed. At that time Lincoln bangs the table and says it's the right time to pass the resolution and shouts 'Now!', 'Now!', 'Now!' thrice at the people around him and all of them just agree to his decision.
During one more instance when only last two Democrats' votes are to be confirmed for passing the motion, Lincoln's subordinate questions Lincoln himself as to how to get those votes. At that time Lincoln stands up and tells at the top of voice that he was the President of United States of America and that his order must be followed and then the work gets done. These two instances are more than sufficient to showcase the proper usage of power by Lincoln. Power is like a weapon in your hand which must be used only when nothing else works and Lincoln does precisely that. Being powerful should not make you use it again and again as it would lose its value if used more than needed. Do pass on your feedback on

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