Wednesday, February 27, 2013

EPC - Empty Plate Campaign to share

All of us want to spread a message that can do good for the humanity but most of us wouldn't want to repeat what others have already stated or done. We belong to the new generation of creating things ourselves. Hence I thought that if I could share different quotes or messages about EPC, it can be helpful while you share your photo of empty plate on facebook. Some of my quotes/messages are here for U
1. Life shall be fulfilling if our meal plates are empty
2. Participate in the Empty Plate Campagin
    And present to humanity your soverign
3. The more our plates are empty,
    The more food is saved in our country
4. Empty vessels make noise
    But empty plates are people's voice
5. Plates are for serving meals
    Empty plates are for saving meals
6. Food is a life's basic necessity
     Let's save food from being wasted by making our plate empty
7. Empty plates are cleaner to wash and clean
    They shall make you perfect and lean
8. Not spending a rupee is equal to earning a rupee
     Not wasting food is equal to donating food
9. Food is nice to see on plates rather than in dustbin
    Let's make sure that the food on our plate doesn't reach a dustbin
10. Zero has no value but adds value when behind another number
      Empty is nothingness but adds value when it's behind your meal
Feel free to share your quotations too!!!!!!!!!

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