Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Break your fear and love yourself

On february 4th,2013, I was glad to have been invited by VVN degree college for an inspirational talk to address close to 200 young ladies pursuing their graduation. The main convener for the event was Smt.Prasanna Udupikar who is a English lecturer in the same college. The talk was scheduled at 3pm but was delayed by thirty minutes as all the students had to come from their classes to the auditorium. All I knew when I entered the hall was that I was trusted with next 120 minutes to bring about a positive change in all these people.
The event kicked off with a wonderful introduction about me by madam. It was one of the best introductions that I had ever heard. Once I was given the microphone I made it a point to thank the almighty God, parents, teacher, friends and made the audience appreciate themselves with a round of applause. Then I discussed about what's happening in the current scenario as to how studies and marks are failing to motivate us to work hard. I also spoke about how visual and internet media are distracting us apart from providing us the necessary information. The fear of taking action and the problem of inferiority complex were addressed as well. I narrated the example of Lizzie Velasquez and the audience learnt a great lesson about how they should come out of inferiority complex and face the world.

Finally I taught them the mantra of "BREAK YOUR FEAR AND LOVE YOURSELF" by which one should be able to break any fear and try out the task at hand. Also not to forget that one should appreciate and love oneself instead of depending on anyone else for moral support. Hitesh.G who is pursuing his BBM also shared about his journey and a wonderful message that "IF YOU ARE NOT A GOOD LEADER THEN BE A GREAT FOLLOWER" following which Bharath.G.C sir introduced the audience to various platforms by which they can grow and the response of the students was just stupendous. These students, especially girls had stayed back for 2 hours after college hours and mam had to struggle to make them leave the auditorium. I hope this suffices to prove the worth of the talk. If you want to know more about such talks, message me on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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