Tuesday, February 26, 2013

At the end of the day only results matter

As each day passes by, we are involved in a variety of processes and operations. We learn a lot, we work a lot, we do a lot, we produce a lot. We perform various kinds of activities. Sometimes we are totally up with our motivation while sometimes we are really down. We are engaged in work that interests us while sometimes we might be entrusted totally unacceptable boring work. Every being on this planet is going through one or the other emotion which is felt by you at least once during the entire day. Each one has their own problems to handle and take care of. For each person, his/her own problems are much bigger than anyone else's. No matter how many reasons we have for not completing the work entrusted to us what matters at the end of the day are just results. If someone else has got the results that are better than that of yours, you have to be straight forward to accept that you fell short of your targets when compared to the other person. There is no point arguing or defending oneself with a whole lot of genuine reasons for one's own failure in reaching the required results.
Am I making most of the day that is given to me? is the question that each one of us need to ask ourselves. Am I working at my highest efficiency level? is the second question that each one of us has to answer to ourselves. If you are not satisfied by the answers to either of the above questions, then accept egolessly that you got to improve. The reason I am stressing upon the responsibility in our own hands is because I have heard a lot of people who exclaim that they are working very hard but are not getting the desired results. First of all, they themselves decide the hardness of their work and exaggerate it further with their jargons. Hardwork and efficiency of efforts should not be calculated by the person who is working, they should be estimated by the results that the work produces. No comparison between two people is possible with the kind or amount of work each one performs. The only evident comparison will be that of the results produced by both these people. Hence I once again proclaim that at the end of the day only results matter and nothing else. Feel free to share about your views on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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