Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The impetus advantage

Impetus means 'the force that makes something happen or happen more quickly'. Here I would like to focus more on the impetus generated due to different reasons. When a small stone is rolling down it can cause certain amount of damage but when a big boulder is rolling right at the back of this small stone and pushing it harder then the damage caused is much more. This is a simple example of the impetus advantage.
The impact created by a single force is always less compared to that created by a force that is backed up by one more force. It can be of different types. I have heard few people saying that success doesn't teach anything but only failure does but success provides an impetus for further success. Even when the work is less compared to the actual expectations the previous success always helps to leverage it's value to guarantee further success. A simple follower guided up by a wise leader always has higher chances of winning and also wins in most of the cases when compared to a simple person who does the same amount of work as per his level of wisdom. All these are simple examples of impetus advantage.
Swami Vivekananda's advice of reading lot of books, travelling lot of places and meeting lot of people helps one to gain this impetus advantage. The experience and the knowledge bank shall help us in every endeavour of ours and provide us an extra added advantage called as the impetus advantage. Your feedback shall provide me an impetus advantage for my blogging, so you can send your feedback on


  1. Simply gives impetus to read more of your blogs and wait for more that you write on diverse topics..