Thursday, January 24, 2013

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part VII

At the end of the grand event, after the speeches by the chief guests, all students were really happy to have attended such a wonderful workshop. Nagamani mam gave the vote of thanks, thanking the chief guests, students, lecturers, distinguished guests, speakers and all the supporting staff. Even the dignitaries present at the event were really happy to see that the audience which comprised majority of the youth students were interested in learning about waste segregation and management.
My learning from this one-day workshop is that today how small mistakes of ours are leading to huge problems which are once again attacking us back. The responsibility to keep the house clean doesn't rest only with the municipal corporation. It lies in the hands of each one of us. We have to start spreading awareness among people about how harmful it is if we don't manage waste properly and start implementing the methods required for proper waste recylcing. Each one of us will be responsible for making our environment clean and free from all sorts of pollution. Unfortunately many educated people are committing the same mistakes was a disheartening thing to hear.
Overall, it was a great event to learn a lot technically and also to know about how different institutions had taken up the task of recylcing their college resources very seriously. Such events should be conducted at regular intervals in different institutions so that the idea gets in deep into every citizen. I congratulate and thank BBMP for sponsoring such a programme and Prasanna Udupikar mam from VVN degree college for being the key initiator for this entire extravaganza of knowledge sharing. I hope and believe that such events recur often because the more it gets delayed the more our environment gets polluted. I have started my work of spreading awareness about waste management and segregation with people whom I meet, have you started yet? You too can if you have either attended the event or have read these 7 posts on my blog.

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