Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Collecting new experiences

Last few days I have been in a spree of meeting people and learning about what they have done and how's their past been. Due to the 
people from diverse backgrounds whom I have met, I have learned many lessons and also understood about the human psychology partially. As a reason of these meetings, I have got immeasurable understanding about how people of different age and belonging to different backgrounds think and act. I cannot definitely claim that I understand everything but surely I understand a bit better now than before.
We have got one single life and in that we have a very limited amount of time. It is definitely impossible for us to go through all the possible experiences in the world. So sharing the stories of our personal experiences and listening to others' experiences are the only ways through which we can assimilate variety of experiences which help our wisdom grow. This inturn shall help us to handle various challenges ahead in life. Not just an advantage for us, by collecting new experiences from others we gather sufficient knowledge that we can guide some other person who is undergoing a similar situation like one of the experiences that we have gathered from other people. More the amount of varied experiences, more the problems that can be solved because problems are limited in variety but are applicable to many people. So a single experience of one person who has solved a problem is sufficient to solve the same problem of thousand others.
The best way to make a collection of new experiences of many people is by meeting and talking to a large number of people. In today's busy world, people seldom find their close ones to be free to discuss in detail about all the experiences that they have undergone till now. As a result people are ready to share their experiences with someone who has the patience to listen to them. So just be a good listener and you can take away a baggage of experiences. You can share your experiences with me on

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