Saturday, December 29, 2012

The struggle continues

Darwin's theory of 'Origin of Species' states one of the postulates as 'struggle for existence'. As existence continues so does struggle. Animals struggle to find the right food and shelter for protection. On the higher hand, we, humans have to struggle for everything. We need to struggle to earn money and we need to struggle on even thinking as to how we spend money. Since money is the only measuring metric of how a person can survive to lead a well-organized life we shall consider only the struggle for money here.

I am not sure if you have been through such incidents when you are compromising between money and comfort. Some people are just lucky enough to have a well-established background courtesy ancestors and parents that they needn't worry to match the ends meet. There is a part of the human population that struggles to make the ends meet on a daily basis. No earning in a day shall only mean no food for the day. Unfortunately there is even a deprived section which is still struggling to find a way to meet the ends. In between these sections there is another set of people who have to meet the ends on a monthly basis. All source back to the lack of financial back-up. This struggle keeps continuing for a long time breeding the fear of taking risks as well. Even calculated risks can be taken sometimes only if it is well known that there is a solid support back home else the struggle just continues.

There is probably not one particular solution that can solve the struggle of life. Just have a brave heart to accept the given scenario, pin your hopes strongly to convert the situation into a better one. There is no escape from this struggle. As our expectations sore higher even the level of struggle climbs up but you needn't struggle to give your feedback on

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