Thursday, December 13, 2012

The alternative plan

Every work has a plan. When the plan works out well the work gets completed without any hiccups. Not all times does the plan work out as per our expectations. Always there are some external factors that influence our work which might have a completely different plan than that charted out by us. So at such times when the plan A doesn't work out do you have an alternative plan? If yes, then cool else what can we do is the content of this blog.

Not many of us are aware about perfect planning. Not all of us are into a business that we have learned planning and management perfectly well. However a small concept about planning that I would like to share is that of plan B. Whenever you are executing some work already there exists a blueprint of how you would accomplish the same in your mind. This is your immediate plan A. Once you realise this then think differently and almost oppositely. If what you imagined just then wouldn't happen what else would you do at the same place and at the same time. This question shall automatically trigger your mind to plan another work which is nothing but the plan B if plan A doesn't work out.
Sometimes you would end up failing on both plan A and B and at such times you can execute some of your cardinal activities. Cardinal activities are those which you shall plan for yourself for your day to day upgradation. These cardinal work can occupy any time frame and can be done in any place. I will discuss more on cardinal works in another blog. Until then keep sharing your views on

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