Monday, December 17, 2012

Sow the seed of sharing

Sharing becomes such an integral part of our life as we grow up. The human mind/heart (you can choose whichever makes more sense to you) is incapable of holding all the experiences, facts and figures that one goes through in life. Probably the only reason a person accumulates knowledge is to share it is what I feel. Wow!!!!! this can be an enitrely different blog altogether. What say? Ok, let's come back to the sharing part. So when do people share?

People share with friends or relatives with whom they feel close enough, whom they think shall understand their situations. I am sure that you have heard it numerous times that children share all that happen in school at home just like how parents share all that happen in office at home. So there must be a starting point for this sharing somewhere. Let's take a hypothetical situation. When you are among your friends and you start a topic of movies and share your recent facts about it what are you expecting next? It's undeniable that the other person shall shell out his/her facts about movies and start sharing whatever recent things that s/he has heard about movies. This type of an experience happened to me very recently. When I was taking a session for kids in a school, I just shared about my accident and how I got hurt, immediately the kids started sharing their experiences of having got hurt. I had sown the seed of sharing.

Sharing is what makes each one know more about the other person that eventually strengthens the relationship. So if you want to know what other person has been through just sow the seed for sharing by sharing few of your past incidents relating to that of the other person that you want to know. Remember sharing is caring! You can post your comments on

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