Friday, December 28, 2012

Sometimes just a gesture is sufficient

Recently I was watching the interview of a very famous movie hero who had turned into a politician. He was offered a role in one of the big budget movies offlate. He couldn't accept it because of his political commitments. He stated that ot would be difficult for him
to be punctual for shootings and hence it would disturb the complete schedule of the movie shooting. At this point he mentioned that even if he doesn't give any appointments for any meetings, by the time he leaves his home after just saying 'Hello' to all those people who
would have come to see him, this itself would take a minimum of three hours. At this point more than the busy-ness of the actor cum politician I understood how important it is to wish people. All that people want is a small recognition through any type of a gesture.

'People are not difficult, they are just different'. This is one of the famous quotes of Er. Sujit Lalwani, a star international inspirational speaker. There is a desire in every human being to be considered as important. Unfortunately most people rely on others to fulfill this desire of their's. A man who is completely self-aware, knows his worth doesn't care about what others think about him but not all people on this planet are wise enough to have such wisdom. They need to be recognised is what they feel. In majority of the functions and public meetings you might have observed that it's almost next to impossible to talk to anyone in detail because there are just too many people seeking attention of the hosts. It is quite possible for the hosts to miss out on saying just a 'Hi' to few of the guests and in majority of such cases people come back home and start blaming that they shouldn't have even gone to the function. They blame that the hosts didn't have even the courtesy of saying 'Hi!' to the guests knowing that there were just too many people to wish. This eventually goes on to develop cold relationship between these set of people and they revert the same action of disrespecting when they meet the next time by not even wishing the other person that goes on to completely cut the relationship.

There are 700 crore plus people on this planet. We can be very sure that not all will be with us forever. Out of the even few of them who are with us there is no point in losing them on such simple stupid occasions of not wishing them either by ignorance or overlooking.
Make your best efforts to wish people whenever you come face to face with them because all that people wish is just a wish. I wish to receive your feedback on

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