Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rearranging and reordering

As per research it has been found out that a significant proportion of our time is lost in rearranging and reorganising the stuff around us. More than doing or creating new things and new work we are busy with rethinking about all the old stuff and sorting them. The thought of writing this blog was triggered in my mind by a mere careless task of mine. I was wearing a sweater which I removed and put on the stand. In the process I didn't notice that the sweater wasn't folded in a neat form before I put it on the stand. When I observed this I once again took back the sweater, folded it neatly and put it back. Probably you might think that folding into neat form would have taken the same time whether done before or after. Yes! I do agree with you on this point but the extra time spent in taking and putting back the sweater on the stand is the loss of time and energy.

So a simple careful act of folding the sweater before throwing it on the stand would have saved probably 10 seconds of my time. When I just extend the same thought to the many other tasks that I am involved in it just freaks me out to even calculate the amount of time and energy that get wasted in setting right the things done imperfectly. No doubt that none can be perfect but why is that we don't do any of our work perfectly? Why is it that we always find some or the other loop holes in our work? The simple reason for these questions is that we ignore the extra time and efforts required to fix the mistakes. Unfortunately we include the time of rework also in our schedule. As a result of this, we tend to do away with the work at hand rather than giving just a little extra concentration to make sure that there is the least rework that's possible. 'To err is human'- accepted! but it doesn't mean 'to only err is human'. There are certain mistakes that pass right in front of our eyes without us realising them sometimes. Such require a detailed second time analysis but there are certain other errors that we call as silly mistakes. They are caused by our speed and recklessness to be correct. Such small silly mistakes should be corrected with a review while we are still at the table of work. Else re-reaching the table of work itself takes away our precious time.

Sometimes life feels so busy while sometimes the same life appears to be just busy. Not all times we are at work that we desire to do. Sometimes we end up doing work that just demand our time and efforts, seldom our interest. I think most of the times it is this lack of interest that takes away our 100% concentration from the work that we are involved in. I can really empathize with each one who undergoes this scenario. Nevertheless life seems to take the path which shall bring us closer to what we want rather than the path which we desire to tread. Feel free to throw in your comments and feedback on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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