Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prospecting can lead to business

Prospecting happens when you encounter a prospect and build a relation of knowing each other. Prospect means a stranger basically. Prospecting is a method of building new contacts. Business doesn't have any rules.  It doesn't restrict you to a certain set of people only. It's all about how many contacts you make and how well you make use of them. You can build business with any person you see on the street if you are able to model out something that can fulfill either your or his/her needs. So let me connect prospect and business now.

The basic underline rule before I move forward is that anything that can satisfy or fulfill one's needs or desires can give rise to a business. Every person on this planet has certain set of needs and desires which s/he wants to satisfy/fulfill if someone can offer a fair deal withing the person's budget. If you have a valid product then you have a customer for sure. You just have to find the right customer base and prospecting is the alternative of referral marketing. I will touch referral marketing topic in another blog. Let's see prospecting for now. Everyone on this earth can be your friend. So how did you make new friends when you were a kid. You probably went out of your home or to school and found another kid and started talking. The common with both of you was the environment. So with any stranger, find out the common ground where you both stand. It might be just the traffic in front of both of you. It might be the cold weather or the same showroom you visit or just the same bus in which you're travelling.

Once the common ground is identified just put across your view about it which should ask for a reply or a nod from the other person. The moment the other person replies, the conversation begins based on which you just build a simple 3-4 minute conversation. Introduce yourself and exchange cards. Your one more friend for life and one more customer for business is ready right in front of you. This easy is prospecting. Do pour in your questions on prospecting on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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