Monday, December 17, 2012

Just keep working

It is so obvious that time will pass whether we want it or not. It just doesn't wait, just like a tide. The best part about time is that it maintains the same constant speed of one second per second and never does increase or decrease its speed. Unfortunately we humans blame time to be too fast during our good times and time to be too slow during our bad times. Everything just lies in our perception.

Out of the 24 hours gifted to us everyday we try to manipulate with these 1440 minutes in so many 'n' different ways to plan our work better. Yet we fail time and again in front of the odds of nature. Immature planning accompanied with entropic circumstances just create havoc out of the entire charted out plan leading to tension and failing of commitments. Just like 'Heisenberg uncertainty principle' where in one cannot find the momentum and position of an electron at the same time likewise, once cannot plan every second to picture perfection. Ups and downs and sideshifts are bound to occur. So the best plan is to have the list of work to be completed arranged in the priority list and keep doing one after the other as per rough planning along with necessary timing considerations. Just make sure that the place and action of next work is on the mind while working on the present work.

Just like time passes one hour by hour, you can move on from one work to another. At the end of the day you might not have completed all the work but you can sleep peacefully because you would have completed at least some work by working continuously without sitting and planning or contemplating as to why something went wrong or right. Keep the cycle of work continuous so that all your priorities are addressed with action more than just mere thoughts of planning. Keep sharing on

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