Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Have an opinion

I was reading the starting few pages of a text book and found that there was a special note to teachers to make the learning more learner-oriented by making it interactive and participative. In order to execute the same I was asking Yes/No type of questions in class for which I expected answers which would be too simple. Somehow not all participated in answering these. Some students remained silent without taking any of the two options with a resort to 'I don't know'. Probably they weren't sure about their answers and hence deferred from participating even in throwing forward a viewpoint. That's when I felt that each person should put forward an opinion irrespective of how sure his/her perception is right about it.
Not everyone is aware of all the things that are happening around. However the corollary doesn't hold the same because everything that's happening around influences each one of us directly or indirectly no matter how ignorant we are about them. Butterfly Effect phenomenon is one of the simple examples to prove that whatever happens on this earth influences all of us for sure. So when everything around is controlling you, it's your right to have a note of all the happenings around you. Not just having a note but also to have an opinion of the same so that you can correct it and improve the situation. On the other hand, even if you are wrong, learn from the learned people the right perception which will elevate your level of growth. Whether your opinion is right or wrong there is advantage on both the ends. God has blessed each one of us with a logical bent of mind which can analyse any situation to our level of maturity with the knowledge of our past experience and exposure. With these prerequisites anyone can calculate for himself to be diligent enough to evaluate the situation of high prominence. Once this can be done, one can arrive at an opinion and not be the person who doesn't have any idea as to what to think.

"Mounam sammathi lakshanam" is one of the famous phrases in regional languages. It means that whenever a person is silent when asked for his/her opinion then it means that he/she has agreed with the same opinion as that of the questioner. Since many of us keep quiet without raising our voices, those few who have an opinion only in the interest of politics convert our silence into their votes. As a result today there is so much of corruption and mismanagement. So it becomes highly essential for each one of us to have at least a simple opinion so that many such frauds can be avoided. It doesn't matter whether you are right or wrong as long as you share your opinion. Do share your opinion on is.mohanbn@gmail.com,

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