Monday, December 31, 2012

God-fearing or good-fearing

'He was a very God-fearing man' is a sentence that I have read a couple of times in books. This aims to convey the message that the person was one who followed rituals for God very strictly and consistently. I personally haven't seen God live. I have seen the photos as many of you would have. I believe that, since God is the creator of the world, he shall protect as well. Then why should we be afraid of Him who is on our side to protect us?
Some of them may argue saying that one cannot do work that's against God. Well! I don't expect anyone would get ready to fight against God. I have observed that parents/elders warn children saying that if they don't perform the rituals or not perform rituals properly then God shall punish them. If they don't go to temples God shall punish them. These kinds of things breed in fear in children about God. Then they start going to temples and following rituals just out of fear rather than worship. It is as if people are paying bribes by visiting temples and performing rituals just to safeguard themselves from the anger of God. Can we call this real worship? Is God someone who will harm us just because we didn't follow the rituals? If someone says following rituals in spite of you not having your heart/mind/soul in it is real worship then I don't understand if this irritation-filled worship really reaches God. I believe that the relationship between God and man should be just like that between two best friends with no rules but just values. A person should not be afraid of God. S/He should be able to feel that God is with him/her all the time and listening.
People need not have to avoid doing things fearing God. People need to be afraid of doing things against good for others. If any act of a person harms or affects another human in a negative way and with the same negative intention then that is bad and such an act must be avoided by being good-fearing. Let's make friends with God and good. Please feel free to share your feedback on

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