Friday, December 28, 2012

Free lifestyle: Free of make-ups and get-ups

The only two points in life when we least care about what others think about us are; one, when we are in our birthbed and the second when we are in our deathbed. In fact there is a famous proverb is kannada which translates into english like this- "When we came to this world we were naked and when we go back from this world we shall be naked. What you find in between these two is just darkness". This proverb is more rhyming in kannada. In spite of this clear understanding we put up a lot of get-ups and make-ups to show our untrueselves to the world outside. Reasons are many for doing so while we are losing out on the real happiness of a free lifestyle: free of get-ups and make-ups.

Someone said "eating is our choice but dressing is others' choice". This statement is so true that if you observe the people around you, you shall find that people can't wear dresses which they like or are comfortable in. They have to wear dresses that suit the customs, business etiquette, pride or to just impress someone else. Most of the times we don't throw out our opinions either because of elders' fear, embarrasment to people in higher positions, fear of law, fear of losing the liking/respect from people. We put on an artificial smile just to hide our emotions and move on with such situations. Man has completely lost the ability to sustain on one's own emotions except a few highly matured yogis or wise men(similar women included). In today's modern generation suffering from emotional turmoil, each one needs someone else to rely upon, to share the owes of life and someone to empathize and sympathize. At the end of the day life just seems to be a drama where in we just play the roles assigned by the world than being ourselves.

The reason for all these get-ups and make-ups are our desires. We would want to seep in through every possible situation only to enjoy all that we desire. Hence you will find those people who have either lived all the desires of the world or who have renounced all desires in their purest form who don't fear saying their true inert feelings and dress in a simple style called the free lifestyle: free of make-ups and get-ups which not many would like do compromise for in this modern sophisticated fashionable world. You can really feel free to feed your feedback on

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