Sunday, December 09, 2012

Feels nice to be remembered

It was around a couple of days back when I had been to the gym by 9pm or so that I saw a lady who reminded me of someone whom I had met before. By the time I gave few seconds to my brain to search its memory bank I recollected that the lady in the gym was none other than my beloved teacher who taught me during my kindergarten schooling. Immediately I rushed towards her and asked if my guess was really right. I was almost 100% sure that she would feel happy that I still remembered her but definitely she wouldn't be able to recollect my name because it had been a gap of more than 2 decades since I passed out of my kindergarten.

I went near her and uttered her name just for confirmation and to my surprise the reply wasn't a 'yes' or a 'yeah'. The reply was 'Mohan!!!!!' pointing at me. I was just astounded. How on earth could this teacher of mine remember my name so clearly after 2 decades????? I was just amazed by her memory. I just thanked her for remembering my name. Then throughout my workout I was only smiling that my teacher could remember my name even after 20 long years. I was just patting my back that I was so famous in school that no teacher could ever forget my name. It's very natural for students to forget the name of 50 and odd teachers' names that they witness during their lifetime of education. The teachers interact with hundreds of new students every year. When a student cannot remember just 50 teachers' names how can one expect a teacher to remember all the students' names. Might be no teacher remembers all his/her students' names but if he/she remembers your name even after 20 years then you might just be one of those lucky pets of his/her.

This small incident taught me so much about remembering people. Even after 3 days of the incident I am still happy that my nursery teacher remembered my name. Just imagine how much of happiness you can create for a person by just remembering him/her. You need not help or serve or give anything to the person to make him/her feel happy. Just remember their name until eternity and that itself shall serve as the best gift you could possibly ever present because it feels really nice to be remembered. Do let me know if you remember my blogs on

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  1. yes being remembered by someone is reaaly a good feeling.........