Sunday, December 09, 2012

A mere thought

I have seen many people complaining that how much ever they work all goes as a waste and they reap nothing out of it. Even you might have heard people claiming something like this ''No man, I just wasted my time doing all this stuff''. Friends! even garbage sells. Then how can your actions go a waste. Not just your actions even your words cannot go a waste. I can guarantee you that even a thought in our mind doesn't go a waste. God has planned this world perfectly well for us. What you sow is what you reap. The output of this world is clearly controlled by the input of thoughts, actions and words of the inhabitants habituating the planet.

I am very sure that by this time you are going back to all those recent thoughts, words and actions of yours. Hence now I would like to share the concept of waves and antennas in relation to human mind that I studied in one of the books that I read. Every human mind is a transceiver. Each one of them emits particular frequency of waves and can receive signals emitted by other brains. This is somewhat similar to the concept of telepathy wherein two or more individuals can communicate without the usage of any media except for their mind and concentration powers. So every thought of yours gets converted to a wave and emits into the surrounding universe. When similar thoughts are emitted by other antennas tuning to the same frequency of thought as generated by you the impact of the thought increases which makes the thought to convert into reality on ground. That is when you are astonished to witness that what you thought just came true.

So there is no point in neglecting any thought that comes to your mind because you never know the intensity of the thought generated by you. Hence make sure that you focus your mind on stuff that concern you the most with the utmost intensity so that lot of them turn into reality soon and beware of any ill thoughts that might just hamper your progress. Every thought is capable of churing around a tornado just like the butterfly effect. Your feedback is valuable on

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