Monday, December 31, 2012

A kick is better than a pat

I remember reading this statement in one of the books of Mr.Shiv Khera. I have just edited it partially to fit into a decent title. I am myself a strong believer of appreciation. A pat on the back is a simple indication of appreciation. Unfortunately the same appreciation doesn't work all the time to increase the momentum of action. At such times it's the kick that does the magic. Fear is one of the strongest motivators for work to happen. Probably this explains the negative force required to initiate the positive action in life.
When everything's going fine the motivation to work may or may not reside but when one is pushed to the corner, he has no other option other than to fight back. Even a micro-organism like an amoeba has the inbuilt response to stimulus built into its CPU. Likewise people are no exception. Appreciation builds in confidence in a starter but it has a limit after which it just leads to complacency. However the kicks of life such as rejection, failure, defamation, financial crunch, exploitation, etc are the tough times that really trigger the fighting spirit in us. There are two outcomes of such scenarios. Few people get bogged down by such instances and give up on fighting back until the situation gets tougher to demand their fight. However people who have the better fighting back threshold get triggered immediately and start revolting against the challenge of life and this is where the real test of life begins.
Only when coal burns under the pressure of the earth for quite sometime does it convert into diamond. So pressure, force and thrust are the pumping factors that move us into action on a daily basis. Only difference is that such a pressure is external for normal people while it's self-generated and inflicted by the highly self-aware people. You can write your feedback on

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