Tuesday, November 06, 2012

you NEED it, you GET it

Life is not rosy all the time. It shows its side of thorns as well at critical junctures. Thorns are nothing but the rules and regulations that are difficult to bypass. Adding to the woes of common man there is just not enough transparency in the existing laws and legislations. Compounding these with corruption has just made the procedure to get what you need more and more difficult. There is no point accepting defeat against the giant barrier built by all these. Amidst these, we have to screw in our way to get what we need. Here I would stress on the entire 'need' rather than 'want' because a 'want' can be postponed but not a 'need'.

When you are on an endeavour which has a clear mission and a vision to impact a massive area of growth positively just be sure that you will have to deal with a majority of roadblocks as well. You will be meeting 'n' number of people from diverse backgrounds having diverse opinions. You will have to convince all of them and take their permissions and consents before proceeding further. At no point will you be allowed to skip these blocks without facing them. You are bound to the game of clearing each one of them. At such points you might be facing rejection and ridicule very often. Just don't give heed to any of them as long as your work is completed. Be persistent in convincing the opposite party to agree to your ideology. You might not even have enough finance with you which could have done the same job of convincing. Even if you have don't use it for the work of convincing which you can do yourself. This will at least save the money for a pertinent usage in the future. Keep patience and a 'never give up' attitude close to your heart which will guard it from any external comments or hits. Keep in mind  that all these intermediate obstacles are just a test for your clarity of your vision and the leadership ability in you to bring your vision into reality.

Nothing comes free of cost on this earth. Every baby struggled to stay crumbled in its mother's womb for 7 to 9 months and to come out into this world. This struggle was worth to get a chance to grow up in this amazing world. When you want something only your heart is telling it to you but when you need something both you heart and brain command you to get it. So convert all your wants into needs if you really want them, sorry, if you really need them quickly. I would definitely need everyone of yours feedback to understand and learn more on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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