Wednesday, November 07, 2012

To find space in a woman's heart

Love is such a simple yet a profound concept. It's a feeling, it's an emotion which has taken the highest number of votes in the democracy of emotions and feelings. When it comes to love between two souls it has been statistically proven that it's males in most of the cases who propose their love for the lady with whom they dream of their future. I am not sure if any business proposal would be more important and difficult than this proposal of life itself. Let's see how our hero finds space in his woman's heart.

Love is all about occupying a part of the being of the other person and moreover it's about finding or discovering the space for oneself in the other person's heart. We can remember so many people in our brain because that's the duty of the brain to act as memory storage but we cannot calculate the love for each because brain doesn't have this facility. It's only the heart which has the exclusive property of storing unlimited love and there is where the guy has to step in. In one of the interviews of Shah Rukh Khan, the King Khan of Bollywood who is very famous for being a great romantic hero, he mentioned that he is able to showcase romance so well in the movie only because he works on finding the space for himself in the heroine's heart. This is what makes even the heroines very comfortable to romance him in movies. I felt that it was totally true hearing these words of his. Every guy out there has to understand to find space in his woman's heart if he is planning to propose her.

It's a known proverb that the route to a man's heart is through his stomach because men are more satisfied with food than anything else but it's not the same case with women. They are just special creations of God. I can clearly understand the trouble of all those guys who are struggling to find a space in the woman's heart of their choice being a guy myself. Don't give up guys, keep trying because she is just waiting for you to find out the right way and I clearly know that the lady reading this blog is smiling now. I try to find space in the hearts of my readers who can write their reviews on


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