Monday, November 12, 2012

It's yours as long as it's not exhibited

I would want to quote the simple example of Sachin Tendulkar and Steve Jobs before I jump into the details of this blog. Sachin was very passionate about cricket and started playing on the streets as a child. As time went by he started playing for his region as well and finally reached the Indian team. He was just displaying his talent whenever he went for selections. Once his talent was sufficiently exhibited it became a responsibility on him to play well as the pride of his country was at stake. So his talent was no more his alone, it became an asset for the nation and the team. Steve Jobs started the company Apple and designed computers, tablets and phones based on his idea of user interface satisfaction. Once his initial products became successful among the masses, people started expecting really quality products and out of the world design for the products from APPLE. They were even ready to wait in queue to buy its products. Once Steve Jobs technical talent was exhibited to the world no more it remained restricted to him alone, it became a hope for a better life for the world. The same trend continues with Apple company even today as well even after the demise of the great soul.

Dear friends, you are a source of unlimited bunch of talents. Don't hide it from the world. Exhibit each one of them. You are the medium chosen by God to contribute your talents for the progress of the world. The talent remains your asset as long as only you know about it. The moment it comes into the light of the common man's eye and he sees the worth and virtue of it, the talent gets shared between you and the world. From then onwards you just remain a mere source of your talent and it shall find its destination in the hearts of the world. This is what will bind you to the world just like how a drop of water in an ocean forms a part of the ocean irrespective of its individuality. So you don't have to be highly secure about your talent. Just be aware that your talent is at the service of the world and exhibit it more and more number of times to a larger audience of the world. Don't feel shy to write to me about your talents on

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