Monday, November 12, 2012

If you were your idol

I believe that each one of us have someone or the other as our idol either consciously or subconsciously. I hope my belief is true as well. I am also sure that we would dream to reach the heights what our idols have reached and achieve the wisdom that they possess. But we cannot get to know the day to day activities of our idols and the way they handle them. So how do we become a replica of our idols which we envision to be?

This was one of the practical experiences that I had very recently based on which I am sharing the idea with my dear readers in this blog of mine. Just few days back I was engaged in a work for just 5 minutes of taking few photos. I captured them on my S3 and a thought came in mind to ask for a review but left assuming I have done the job right. Within 2 minutes I got to know that I was supposed to take another photo as well. So I had to redo the work. The very same day I had to get the same photos printed but unfortunately my pen drive was infected with virus when I reached the shop. I had to travel back once again home to mail the photos to be printed. Once again there was a redo of work. I was totally frustrated with the day and couldn't get back my enthusiasm at all and that is when I thought about what would my idol do in a similar situation.

My idol would have definitely spared a minute to get a review on photos before leaving the place. My idol would have had a plan B for getting the print outs by sending out a mail as well along with the pen drive. Even if these two weren't done my idol would have accepted the human instinct to error and would definitely complete the work like I did and be happy that the necessary lessons were learnt. So just think as to what your idol would have done in the same difficult situation as you are in and you will automatically be able to handle any kind of challenges. So, if your idol was reading this blog what feedback would s/he give on

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