Friday, November 16, 2012

Feel and do/Do to feel

Life provides so many varieties of activities to us day in and day out. So how do we choose from this ocean of opportunities as to what we need to do. Forget doing, even talking certain statements is our choice. I have observed that in many of the trainings the trainer trains the trainees to say something and feel it when they say it. Oftentimes people just repeat without any feeling just under the force of the trainer. So was it the feeling or the saying which was important?

Motivation is something which is temporary and many yield in making commitments beyond their strengths because of the feeling fed in the form of words of motivation. After sometime when the motivation ceases inch by inch, people start to notice that even the feeling would have subsided and the commitments for which they had agreed with high intensity of excitement just few days back start feeling like heavy burdens on their heads. Time and again man has contradicted his own decisions and these kind of incidents repeat often. So let's first know that this is quite natural to happen and happens with all. Secondly, some people really feel the urge to take up some kind of a task which I may refer to as the inner instinct and hence they do and coach others passionately on the same lines. Others who wouldn't have felt the dire need to do the same agree to do based on the presentation probably without any feeling or a sense of pseudo-feeling and hence feel an aversion towards it later. So how do we solve this?

It's very simple but requires your time and action. Remember! no work is less significant in this world. So if you have taken up some commitment without a feeling for it, just forget about it and go ahead and do it as one of your basic duties of life. You might get the feeling while doing or you might not. If you feel the intensity of work it's good, if you don't then you need not have to take up the same commitment later. It's as simple as just writing your feedback on

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