Monday, November 19, 2012

Expressionless expression - A silent smile

So coming back to the same old topic of expressions. Every emotion
or a feeling has an expression associated with it. Some are good at expressing while some are still learning the art of expressing. The world has become so blind that it can see only what seems to be the outer cover. It has lost the capacity of looking deep in the eyes. You smile and laugh and the world thinks you are happy. You have a sulky face and a sigh on your face, world seems to think that you are sad while the situations can be completely opposite of what that is perceived.

Many might even fight back at me saying that it's the mistake of the person who is expressing. S/he is conveying the wrong expressions and is not only deceiving the world but her/himself also. So what pleasure did Charlie Chaplin have in making others laugh while he burnt in misery from inside? Unfortunately today true emotions are condemned if they don't sync with the situation. People are expected to behave and emote as the surroundings are else it's considered to be abnormal. A man lives in an entirely different world inside than outside. I clearly don't understand as to how can one compare the emotions of one person with that of the other. Everyone has a different emotional quotient and reasons for being emotional. No two people can be expected to express and emote the same way for a similar kind of a situation just because one expects them to. If a person is emotional it doesn't mean that s/he has lost the logical understanding. No one needs to justify the emotions logically.

When the outer world which is not the 700crore plus population but just the seven of those close people fail to understand your trust or emotions or feelings or honesty, all the expressions of true emotion get curbed and all that remains is nothing but an expressionless expression - a silent smile which is better than a straight face to avoid further conflicts and conversations. If you haven't been through such situations please do let me know on

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