Friday, November 09, 2012

Do once; promote a 100 times

We live more than a zillion moments in our life but seldom do we remember each one of them or rather I should say, seldom there is a need to remember all of them. But we definitely remember those significant moments of our life which we lived our best probably some which were too emotional to us, some which marked the turning points of our life and so on. Achievements and accomplishments of any kind of big work or an award from our past always linger on our mind and tongue for sure no matter even if we have done them just once.

It's quite natural that you would have heard about how your grandparents had to walk miles together to their school in their childhood. You would have definitely heard about your aunts and uncles who were the best students of their class of their times and were the so-called toppers of those times. Might be you yourself might have got some really good rank in some entrance exam or might have been a champion winning awards in some sorts of sports. You might have even cracked a business deal that was worth a fortune. The best part about all these one-time struggle and success is that we can promote them as long as we live and no one can dare question us as they have already got imprinted in the pages of history. Every single time promotion of any one of these always takes us back to those old memories and we are even able to feel the same emotions. A milestone once covered always serves as the medium of experience sharing with the new generation.

Similar to the past, even in the future obstacles and challenges will keep coming. Just remember that you will have to surpass and win over them just once and later you can narrate the story a hundred times without any fear. I limit it to hundred times only because I believe that you would have surpassed even more milestones by the time you complete promoting the earlier achievement a hundred times. Once I finish a blog I can promote it a hundred times until I receive your feedback on

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