Sunday, November 11, 2012

Attitude reflects in every sphere

Many times you might have come across people who will say that they are very fast in certain things but not the same at work. There might be other instances as well when you will find people who will have all possible reasons of disinterestedness in studies but will be very much interested in every other activity involving fun. Some claim that they are highly responsible when it comes to personal matters but can't keep up the same in professional matters. These kind of indifferences will be many.
Attitude is something which defines our approach towards any situation in life with definite restrictions. When there are no boundaries in terms of space or time, whatever you do is always right and justified but the moment the rules come into play it's very important to be aware of each of our steps. That's when the real attitude gets tested. The intensity of seriousness that you give in the subject of your interest will be the same as that in the area of your liability. No one likes liabilities for sure but you cannot escape them as well. No matter what, you have to deal with them every now and then. This is the time where in all your minor and tiny attitudes and habits come into picture. For example if you follow punctuality, you will be punctual whether it's a cinema or a board meeting, if you follow speed of action and sense of urgency, the same will show up whether it's in professional work or personal commitment. This is what I mean by attitude reflects in every sphere of life.

So the simple test to evaluate yourself is to observe yourself as to how you respond in any situation that you are in. That will automatically reflect your approach in other situations as well. You don't have to live a decade to understand yourself. All it takes is a few moments of unbiased observation of the self. Hope this blog will be useful for you. Eager to see your comments on

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