Friday, October 19, 2012

What a day!

A wonderful day with varied kinds of experiences comes into a blog now. As I took off from home in the morning, I became a marketing executive and went on to meet the clients to discuss about one of the upcoming novel competitions. After finishing my meetings with the clients, by afternoon I became a Physics teacher for class XI and engaged in 90 minutes of session. By later afternoon, I turned into a trainer to train kids from first to third standard on public speaking. By evening, I took the position of a event co-ordinator to work on sponsorships for one of the upcoming mega events in Bangalore. By late evening, I was exicted watching a live achievement of my team at an international conference. By night I turn into a blogger to convey my experience. I just don't know what else the day has in store for me.

No wonder that I hoped and believed to live a day like this than a routine day of going to one single place and doing a job. It was fabulous for me to interact with people of different age groups ranging from principals to teachers to teenagers to kids. The travelling between different places just keeps you going all the time. Probably I haven't even experienced an ounce of what a big-time entrepreneur relishes enjoying every moment of the day involving in various kinds of work. But I can be sure of one thing and that is 'it all starts here'. Every single day that we breathe into the past of our life should enter at least one page of our memory, else the day fades away soon even from others' memories. The day has witnessed different kinds of emotions and feelings in me and everytime a moment goes by it just asks me as to what I did out of it.

I am more than sure that the busy schedule that can keep you on your toes can take the best out of you. The freedom of working as an entrepreneur just brings in loads of responsibilities along with it and I can clearly understand that I was destined for these. It would be great to read your reviews on

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