Monday, October 15, 2012

Standards! Do they affect you?

In one of my conversations with a friend last night, she asked me whether her poems and proverbs were good enough to be published. Immediately I replied back saying that it doesn't matter whether they are good or bad as long as you want to publish them. Friends! let me reassure you that even garbage sells. Why do we have so many doubts against our own creations? It's all because of the set standards for anything we do that block us from surpassing them.

People have assumed certain standards for anything and everything that they are involved in. There is a certain set standard to wear clothes to a party or office or social gathering. There are standards for eating as well, in fact even to hold a fork. There are different standards of speaking english language for that matter. There is a specific way to convene a board meeting. People have a built-in perception that something really big, best and famous should be in the exact form that they imagine and if anyone else is doing the same level of impact but in a different form, it's difficult for people to accept. Friends! please get rid of all such unwritten rules that clog your mind from conveying our thoughts and ideas.

Right at the beginning of evolution of homo-sapiens species everyone of us were mere monkeys. Man evolved over the years and started following certain norms that eventually became standards for others to follow as they were more convenient and acceptable by a large number. If you can perform anything that you like to perform in the best way that it doesn't hurt the feelings of others and is neat in presentation that large number of people can view and validate it right then that's the best standard. No doubt that 'To err is human', you are bound to make mistakes. Just get rid of the fear of making mistakes and failing in front of the people's eyes. Be ready to learn from them and move on with your journey. All standards will get fulfilled in due course or perhaps you might be the next standard-setter. I am willing to read your feedback on

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