Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Humanity has no religion

How would it be if there was no religion or caste or creed in this world? If there was one religion called as humanity for all of us which taught that every human being in this world was related to all 700 crore plus population, it would really result in 'vasudhaiya kutumbam' which preaches that the entire world is one family. To feel the happiness or sadness of a fellow human being you don't have to be from the same religion or be his/her relative but only need to be a human at heart was a strong lesson that got reinforced in me during one of the incidents yesterday while travelling in the bus.

Last evening, I was travelling in a bus from my office to a meeting. I found that there was a mother along with her child who was just 1 or 1 and half year old. The child started to cry and the mother was unable to console it for sometime. There was one more lady who came and sat in the front seat of the mother. This lady had a mobile in her hand. The child was trying to take the mobile but the mother was holding it back. The lady in front obviously could not give the mobile to the child to stop it from crying but she could give atleast a smile. She could have atleast tried to talk to the child assisting the mother to stop it from crying but the lady didn't do any of these. She was just straight-faced without any smile and I don't think that even she looked at the child. The child continued to cry in the hands of the helpless mother.

After a couple of bus-stops, one more lady got into the bus and took the seat right in front of the child. From my general observation, I could make out that the straight-faced lady and mother-child duo belonged to the same religion but the new lady who entered the scene was completely from another religion but I observed that as soon as this lady saw the crying child, she started to smile at it and gave the bus-ticket in her hand to the child to play. Immediately the child stopped crying. She was trying to make the kid smile by smiling at and playing with it. This incident clearly showed that religion failed to bind people together as it is supposed to do but humanity at heart as a quality solved problems and could make a crying baby smile. Such is the power of humanity.
Let's follow and worship one common religion and let it be "HUMANITY".Please share your feedback on is.mohanbn@gmail.com


  1. Now a days all d people were similar to first lady.....every one need to change atleast for these small things.....hope they Will change.....any way nice posts mohan.......
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    1. Hi Praveen,

      I am just flattered by your comment. I will find out if there is a widget to add the LIKE button to my posts. Thanks a lot for your sincere feedback