Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Diminishing life

Hi friends! I decided to write a blog a few minutes back and the moment I see my laptop there is only 22% of charge left and I don't even have the charging chord with me right now as I write this blog to charge my laptop. My laptop is going to shut down in few minutes but I had decided to write the blog. The life of the charge right now is diminishing and I need to complete this blog quickly before the charge is over. The same situation comes up in our lives as well and that is the exact topic that I want to address in this blog right now.

Many of the times, it so happens that many decide to do a lot of things before they die and we see that the darkness of death starts spreading its wings to create the cloud of doubts of completion of the predetermined things. Hence I named this blog as diminishing life. The author Randy Pausch of the book 'The Last Lecture' addresses the same issue when he is at the verge of death due to severe cancer. It's all about achieving your childhood dreams before you die is what he coaches in his Last Lecture. I just have 17% charge left to finish this blog so let me jump straight to the core. Life doesn't give unlimited time to us to do all that that we dreamed of doing. Only issue with life is that it doesn't guarantee the ending date as well. So the last breath is always kept as a surprise to humans or any other species for that matter. As I am typing quickly in this blog just to make sure that it's completed before the life of charge is over, in the same fashion when the end is near in our lives we will have to hurry to finish all the tasks that we are entitled to and make sure that we have served the purpose that we were sent on this earth for.

Everything grows in this universe except life. Life is the only entity which diminishes as it grows day by day. Hence every moment passed, you are more near towards your end. Gear up to finish all that that you dreamt of as a child, explore all that you desired to and spread loads of inspiration and smiles among all those who come across you. One doesn't need a deadly disease like cancer or AIDS being at the verge of death to understand the worth and value of each moment of life and start working on his/her endeavours, one can also realise the same at the verge of life before it diminishes and cease to exist anymore.
(Just 8% of charge left before I post this blog. YES!!!!! I HAVE DONE IT!!!!!!)
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