Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Backup or Backdoor

Close all your backdoors if you are going to follow your passion. Make sure you have the required backup when you set out for this adventurous journey. I think the previous two statements have already conveyed the difference between 'backup' and 'backdoor'. Many are confused whether to follow their passion or do what can yield result and reward right at the present moment. I have tried to come up with a practical method which can help you live a life that you dream of and let me share it with you.

Basic necessities of life are the most important to be fulfilled irrespective of whether we are passionate about what we are doing or not. If these basic essentials can get fulfilled at the basic level possible then you can definitely think of working for the extra that you dream of. Without being able to fulfill the pressing needs of a basic life it's even more difficult to work towards our dreams. If you are already working in the field about which you are the most passionate about and are able to fulfill your and your family's basic necessities then continue the same without turning back even if your income fluctuates sometimes. If you are a person like I was some days back who are working in a field out of necessity and not out of passion then just calculate well if you can earn and save enough which can support your basic needs for next one year. If you have saved this much amount of money then it will be your backup when you jump into the field of your passion completely.

If you are spending extra apart from your basic needs being in a work and blaming that is the reason for you not being able to work on your passion then it's the backdoor. Backdoors are those escapades which you keep open under the fear of security which will never allow you to open the front doors towards your dreams. Unless the backdoors are shut completely you will never be able to work on your passion completely. If you can build one year of experience backup in the extra time apart from your work and be able to generate at least ten percent of revenue and also save a backup which can support you for one year without any income from the field of your passion then you can fearlessly close all your backdoors and open the front doors towards the life that you always dreamt of living.

I closed all my backdoors the moment I quit my job and jumped into the field of my passion, public speaking and entrepreneurship and hence I am able to write this blog today. Hope you like it! Keep me informed on


  1. Mohan ji can relate few things in the people when ever i meet them individuals and group, their second choices will be ready before they start working towards their passion.Your message is clear for the people to close all their BACK-DOORS if they want to live life according to their PASSION.