Thursday, October 18, 2012

20 years for overnight success

I think it was Mukesh Ambani sir who said that the overnight success of Reliance was because of 20 years of persistent hardwork and efforts. No wonder that it takes 14 years to build a Taj Mahal which stands as the epitome and symbol of LOVE till date. Monuments always take time to take shape. So are you building a normal building out of your life or are you aiming at reaching the pinnacles of glory that can be paralleled only by something like Taj Mahal in monuments or Reliance in business?

When we are born, none of us know or even plann as to what we will make out of our lives. As we grow, based on the influence of our environment and our exposure we decide to aim and achieve bigger things in life. In the pursuit of such dreams sometimes we tend to forget that life was meant to be just a path to help us reach from where we are to where we dream to be. We feel that success keeps eluding us in spite of our consistent efforts for years together. No one in this world has been able to estimate the exact amount of time required to traverse the path of experience and learning in the pursuit of achieving dreams. The quicker one gets accustomed to the new learning and adapts himself to the situation the sooner one can be closer to his destiny. This process is what that brings the true INDIVIDUAL out of you who is eligible to hold the realised dreams in his hands. This journey is what that will take a lot of time when the dreams are not ordinary but are BIG enough.

It's a myth that success happens overnight due to luck or fate or by chance. Do you remember any of the lottery ticket winners who has impacted success all around him after winning a lottery? You would have heard of such people who became rich overnight but the memory would have soon faded away for sure. It's not the 20 years of hardwork alone that led to the Reliance empire today, it was the service delivered by Reliance and the large mass of population on the earth that was positively impacted in last 20 years that makes Reliance a household name today and a grand success. I am happy to convey this message to you. Are you happy reading this? Please let me know on

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