Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Upgrade Yourself

The world has become too competitive for us to catch up with. If you are not updated then you are out-dated is a common philosophy that you will hear around. Laws are changing, new technologies are evolving every single minute in one or the other place. Yet most of us are under the shadow of complacency in our own worlds and one fine day when we are face to face with the trouble due to our very ignorance we don't have any answer for it. Newspapers fall short of covering all the news thats happening all across the world. Internet is too vast and complex for us to get a concrete incremental data. The only choice is to upgrade ourselves.

When I say 'upgrade yourself' I target at the basic learning ability of any individual. As children we are sent to school to learn how the world functions. As we grow up we are taught experimentation to understand the logic behind our learning. Once our education is complete we get into our work wherein we learn the different aspects regarding our work. If you see the graph most of our educaiton is broadbased during our childhood and as we grow we get into being more specific. After 2 decades of such education we only find ourselves in one well of a subject out of which we don't have any reach. This will definitely not fit in today's world. Anyone who wants to grow big in life has to have his feet in as many wells as possible. Upgrade yourself by learning something new of some new subject on a daily basis. If you're a science student learn something new on arts or economics or law and vice versa. Start using the principles explained in other areas into your core area of expertise. Every new innovation in the present and future world will be a blend of multiple areas. Start educating yourself in every area possible. This will be a self responsibility for self upgradation.

Sri Jawaharlal Nehru was known as a walking encyclopedia. Even Dr. Kamal Hassan has been called so. This is one of my goals as well. Our brain has unlimited memory and that's the speciality of God's creation. He keeps unlimited powers in limited sizes. One of the best ways that I discovered about learning new things was by interacting with every individual I met. I have learnt Assamese language from security guards at my office. Every new person, every new book, every new place has something new to teach us everytime. Let's use everything to upgrade ourselves.
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