Saturday, September 08, 2012

Prove before you leave

In today's versatile world there are various fields of your choice. Multiple options infact have created confusion on our minds as to which one to choose. Its a great journey to explore field by field and find the one which suits us. But we are sent on this earth with a limited amount of time and also our age keeps increasing as time passes by. Hence its important to choose our field of career as early as possible. Some enter a field and just get clogged in it and assume that itself as their field of expertise and continue. Probably this is not a blog for such complacent ones.

This blog is a dedication to every fighter who takes up the challenge to reach his/her field of passion inspite of all the odd circumstances around. In this process of chossing the right field some devalue other fields. Either they don't pay the interest that's required since its not their field or give half their efforts. In either of the cases they are at loss because its not the field that's wrong, its the attitude. When you're fighting to take up a career of your passion and in pursuit of it if you are working in another career make sure that you are no less capable even this field. To achieve success in every field hardwork and dedication are the only two things that matter. Above that if you're passionate about the field its an added bonus. So be it any field you are in, even if you are planning to leave it in sometime give your best and prove that you are far capable in handling the work there. If you quit without proving anything people will definitely look down upon you that you were incapable. Forget others, you yourself will feel the guilt of failure at excelling. Its important to have the right positive attitude of excelling in whatever that comes our way. People should feel the pain when you are quitting that field to take up a choice of the field you are passionate about.

Only then you have proved to yourself and others that you could achieve success in any field that you step in. This not only serves as a proof for your professional ethics for others, it serves as a confidence booster for the self. When you can prove to yourself that you can rule the field which you are not passionate about, just imagine how serious and successful you can be in the career of your choice. So whatever field you take up whether you continue or leave it just make sure to prove that you can do it all.

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