Thursday, September 20, 2012

Only a handful

No matter how much we try to grab, we can always have just a handful. Open your arms to collect the rain drops, million might touch your palms but only a handful of them stay back. Same is the case with everything in life. We live through a million moments but only a handful of them live back in our memories. We meet and interact with thousands of people but only a handful of them hold our hands. We scan through numerous books during our entire lifetime but only a handful of knowledge remains in our brains.

Life is all about filtration due to the limited capacity that a human being possesses. Not just the capacity its also about the necessity. Its inherently built in our systems to hold back what's necessary and to let go of what's not. I remember the statement of Robin Sharma which goes like this "The best way to start off with an idea is by having a lots of them". Also Zig Ziglar who is a master salesman mentions in his book that creativity takes birth out of abundance of knowledge. To dig deeper into this statement we can take the example of famous scientists like Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Eisntein and others. Thomas Alva Edison failed 9999 times in innovating an electric bulb but succeeded only after these many failures, Albert Einstein came out with an equation of mass and energy relationship a E=mc^2. This was a single equation that the entire world came to know about but the amount of research and efforts behind deriving this equation was humungous for sure. This also relates to the perception 'only a handful'. No matter how much ever a man works and achieves only a handful of accomplishments of his get to be known by the world. All those great men out there in the open world achieve bigger and grow bigger day by day because they are aware of this fact that only a handful of their work gets to be known by the world. Hence they put in all that they have got in them to make things happen.

Unfortunately this truth of life takes a lot of time to sink into many of the common minds. In this 2-minute maggi noodles world, people want results and recognition very quickly irrespective of however small their work is. Remember friends! however long a river is, it can fertile only few banks that it passes by. Ultimately most of it has to reach the ocean. Only by doing a lot can you accomplish few achievements in life. Just be ready with open hands to hold back the handful of rewards which will only come after you have put in uncountable efforts behind the same.
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