Thursday, September 13, 2012

Now or Later! It’s yours

It so happened that when I was in this continuous spree of writing blogs daily, on one of the off days I missed writing a blog. I almost forgot that I need to write a blog daily. The next day morning when I woke up there was some kind of unsatisfied feeling inside troubling me which I couldn’t understand. Then, after sufficient amount of reviewing the previous day’s memory, I found that I had missed my blog for that day. Immediately I switched on the computer and wrote two blogs, one for the previous day and another for that day. That is when the lesson stroke me that now or later we are alone responsible for the work that we are committed to.
Procrastination is one of the strongest diseases that has entered the DNA code of humans. Unfortunately there is no tablet or tonic in the field of medicine to cure the same. Postponing the work that we have to do has become one of the natural habits of us. Last night studies, last minute decisions, last moment work are some of the regular terms that resound our surroundings. Many of these are a result of our laziness to perform the necessary duties when there is sufficient time. Our mind becomes lethargic during leisure and turns efficient only when there’s a crunch of time. The only medicine to solve this procrastination is to consistently reinforce our conscious mind that the work assigned to us is our responsibility and we alone are responsible to complete it either now or later. None of us can predict future and claim exactly what can happen the next second precisely. So when we are aware of this improbability let’s complete the work now itself. Some have even more auspicious timing for doing any kind of work. Please get rid of all such stuff. For doing any good work, anytime is good and more than everything, completing it at the earliest is always better. Hence doing it right now is the best option.
We are sent on this earth to fulfill a special purpose and that is to leave this world a lot better than what it was when we were born here. Let’s focus our complete energy to complete every work that comes our way right then and there with proper prioritizations. There is no point in delaying anything because either now or later your work is only yours. Only you have to complete the work to yield the complete benefits that the work has to offer you.
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