Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nothing is permanent. Really?

In one of the forwarded emails I found this message as ‘Nothing is permanent’. The example used to depict this message was that of Arnold Shwarzenegger. There were two photos of his in the mail. First photo showed Arnold in his best physique when he had won the Mr.Olympia title in the sport of  bodybuilding. The second photo was a recent picture of Arnold in his sixties. The fun part was the creator of this mail was trying to convey the message that the muscles that Arnold had built up during his twenties were no more at the age of sixties. Hence he concluded the message that ‘Nothing is permanent’ and forwarded it. I don’t know how many more were logically blind enough to believe in this and forward the same.
It is general knowledge that a human body deteriorates as age progresses. In fact as per scientific research it has been found that humans lose half a pound of muscle every year after the age of 25. This fact has been reproduced by Arnold Shwarzenegger himself in his book ‘The Education of a Bodybuilder’. No one has ever proclaimed that the human body once built to the best form of physique will remain the same forever. Not even the best of the best bodybuilders like Arnold or Ronnie Coleman for that matter. So I really don’t understand the sense behind coming to a conclusion that ‘Nothing is permanent’ which is completely invalid. Probably if the person who concluded this has done so on the basis of physical forms we can accept it only for physical forms of entities only. Let me take Arnold’s example itself. When Arnold entered the field of bodybuilding, he redefined the field itself with young achievements, his new techniques and created a record history of titles. He brought much respect to this sport which people complained about previously. These achievements of his will forever remain permanently in the pages of world history unless there is a burn out of the earth itself. All of us know that life is mortal but the impact of the work done during one’s life remains. Mahatma Gandhiji is no more but his struggle for Indian freedom and the title of ‘Father of India’ will remain permanently forever.
Friends! My sincere request to my dear readers is not to fall for such brainless forwards and come to improper conclusions. It really hurts when one single mail tries to zero out all of the achievements of great men like Arnold or be it anyone else for that matter. Let’s extract positive lessons out of others’ lives and implement them in our life instead of drawing such pessimistic conclusions which won’t even motivate us to work further.

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